Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Giveaway and a Runaway

I'd planed to announce this Kindle winner last night. But then something got in the way.
A something that looks like this:

Let me explain. Last Thursday after the big rain, my daughter found an eastern box turtle in the neighborhood and promptly brought it home as a "pet." Naturally, I objected to this notion.  But she was sooooo excited.  I bit my tongue and figured I'd let her keep it for 24 hours.  We were about to go on vacation anyway. Turtle went into a large Tupperware box in her room.  And she fed it earthworms and hard-boiled egg.

Before we left on Friday she arranged for a neighborhood boy to turtle-sit for her. So when we returned home on Monday evening, so did Turtle to my slight chagrin. Yesterday morning, Alaina left for school and left the turtle-in-the-box with me.  That turtle tried ALL DAY to climb out of that box.  I felt so sad for it.  I even talked to it in the high-pitched, cheery, animated voice I usually only talk to babies and puppies with.

When she got home from school she took Turtle out to "exercise" in the back yard. A soon as it hit the grass it ran fast as it could to get away.  Uh, yeah, that doesn't work when you are a turtle.  Anyway, before leaving for soccer practice, she put Turtle back in the box but left it outside. So I then put Turtle on the grass with box overhead so Turtle could enjoy the ground for a change.  Ahh, dirt! 

At dusk I went out to bring him in - but he was gone. He finally managed to shed the box. Alaina would be crushed. Plus, I honestly feared she'd think I purposely let him go. So hubby and I spent the evening searching the entire backyard in the dark for a runaway turtle.

You may be happy to know I finally found him. Buried under pine straw a mere 4 feet from the box.

You may be sad to know, I don't think he has moved since going back into that box.  I think we broke his little turtle spirit.  Or maybe he is just exhausted from yesterday's great escape.  Clearly, I've got some turtle research to do. And I think Turtle needs a proper name. Let me know if you got any ideas.

On to the big announcement .... The winner of the Amazon Kindle 3 with wi-fi and a $10 Amazon gift card is:

Here are your random numbers: 114
Timestamp: 2010-10-06 00:55:15 UTC

Commenter #114 MOTIV8EDBELIEVER.

Congrats Motiv8ed ... email me your contact info so I can have your prize mailed.

As for the rest of you, if you are feeling really sad about losing out on the Kindle, give me a call and I will talk to you in my high-pitched, cheery, animated voice if it will make you feel better. And if the prospect of my "baby-talk" voice scares you, I just learned you can head over to Shari Braendel's blog today for some fashion advice and a chance to win a copy of my book It's No Secret.

I truly wish I could afford to give you each a Kindle, but I now sense some vet bills in my future.


  1. Hi! I just popped over from Shari Braendel's blog and checked out your book - It's No Secret:
    Revealing Divine Truths Every Woman Should Know at I put it on my "Wish List" I can't wait to read it!

  2. Clicking over from Shari's blog today and will also be putting your book on my Christmas wishlist. I actually found your blog last week and am still digesting all the great info about overcoming perfectionism. It really struck a cord with me and I'm working at putting some of your ideas into practice. I really enjoyed the turtle story today too - sounds like something that would happen at our house! :)

  3. Sounds like you put the turtle on the Atkins diet! Worms & boiled eggs - yum!

  4. So funny...How about Timmy Turtle? Or the classic Suess...Yurtle Turtle!

  5. I found a painted turtle in the parking lot at church a few years ago. The little girl who took it home named it Heidi since it kept hiding its head.

  6. Congrats to motiv8ed on winning. Enjoy your new Kindle. What a sweet turtle story. I would be the one bringing the turtle home. I read Shari's blog every Wed. and I recently discovered yours and will be reading it, too. Putting your book on my "to read" list.

    Enjoy your day.

  7. My son has two turtles. A red-earred slidder and a yellow-bellied slidder. They are land and water turtles. We have a 55gallon tank set up with half water and half rock so they can chose water or land. The eat veggies like carrots and lettuce. They also eat freeze dried things like worms or kreel (sp?). I got a freeze dried mix from the pet store and it even has dried cranberries in it. Don't know if that helps you any. :) The pic you have up (if that is even him at all) looks alot like our Boy and Girl (real original names, huh? lol. Have fun with your new friend! :)

  8. Rachel, you gave me my first belly laugh for the day!!! Oh, the joys of being mom... happy new pet!

    PS... I got your book, I'm on chapter 3's wonderful!! The women in our group are voting on 4 books and yours in the lead!!

  9. I think you should name the turtle speedie :-)

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  11. Hi Rachel,
    I am commenting because of Shari Braendel's give away. I would like to read your book. I put it on my wish list.

    Your turtle story was cute. It's funny what we do for our kids.

  12. I just saw Shari's mention of your book on her blog. I also enjoy your blog and would love to read your book.

  13. Having sons who worked at the Museum of Natural Science and have kept a large variety of critters - I highly recommend that you build the turtle a habitat outside. The turtle will be happier and your daughter should be satisfied. You can find directions on web.

  14. I, too, am visiting you from Shari's blog. Looks like I have another to check in on regularly :-) Thanks for being a blessing! BTW, you could name the turtle Speedy :-)

  15. Hello! I am really enjoying your blog! Why not name the turtle "Kindle" ?

  16. Kristin HansenOctober 07, 2010

    Popping over from Shari Braendel's blog! Haha, am loving the turtle story...I think I put my mother through more than one situation like this one :D

  17. Oh my heavenly word! I cannot believe it :-) This is crazy . . I came by to catch up on your blog and saw the belated announcement and saw my name . . .
    Motiv8dbeliever . . . .I am so grateful and appreciate what you do for the Lord. I did email you and Thank You for your very generous giveaway. Incredible! May God bless you and your work. I will continue to follow your posts and the work He continues in me.

    p.s. kindle is a great turtle name! You are a good mom for hunting him/her down the other night!

  18. I just came over from Shari Braendel's blog. Your new book sound wonderful! It is going on my list of books to read! I love all you Proverbs 31 girls! What an inspiration each of you are.

  19. I know there's a devotion in there somewhere... maybe about how we work so hard to "escape" the things in our life that bind us, only to not get far enough away to stay clear?? Hmmm, will have to think on that one.

    Glad we can talk about it at our "mandatory meeting" next Sat night!! Can't wait!!


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