Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

I haven't forgotten about showing you my new 2011 calender system. Marybeth Whalen saw it this weekend and agreed it's both functional and cute. She called me on Friday to say she'd be speaking just a couple hours away, and could I come join her for a little girlfriends' getaway afterwards? I was practically dragging my suitcase from the closet before she'd finished the question.

So I'm going to show it to you tomorrow, and give you the links to make your own. Today, however, I'm taking a southern snow day! A couple inches of snow fell this morning - enough to cancel school, attempt sledding on a nearby "hill," and accept the neighbor's challenge to a snow ball fight.

While waiting for my fingers to thaw, I'll be having chicken noodle soup and finishing the novel Snow Day while under a blanket.


  1. The pics are great, Rachel! It looks like you all had a good time today. But I had to laugh as I read your post. You guys had a snow day with just a couple of inches of snow. Here in NYC it takes more than a foot of snow to shut things down, and sometimes not even that. If there's a way to trek through the snow, we NYer's will find it. LOL

  2. I love it a "southern snow day." Don't you love them...they don't happen very often in South Louisiana so we envy you. Hope you had fun.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Looks like your having way too much fun but that's okay. We got more snow than you did and we're supposed to get sleet and then rain on top of that.

    Look forward to hearing about your girls "getaway". I just recently got in touch with a girlfriend that I have known since high school, church, and trips together.
    She lives in Alabama and I lost her telephone no. so I called information and got it that way. She was so excited when I called. She has health issues very similar to mine but the doctor can't do anything for her. The most exciting thing is that she got a laptop for Christmas and has learned to email. She writes me almost everyday. It has truly been a blessing from God.
    Nothing like those "best friends".

    Hope you have a great time with your friend.

  4. Girls, school has been cancelled for tomorrow too! You see what little snow that is on the ground?

    A few white flakes an instant holiday makes here below the mason-dixon. :)


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