Friday, January 7, 2011

Writing about Writing

Despite the fact that I am a published writer and a working editor, I don't talk about writing much here. It seems like the majority of authors write about writing on their sites. I guess that makes sense, but then again their sites seem more geared to other writers than to their readers.

Not criticizing that fact, just pointing out one of the reasons I've shied away from posting much about writing. The blogosphere seems a bit crowded already.

There's another reason though. I have an internal governor that points out to me things that could easily become idols in my life. (It's both handy and annoying.) Writing is one of those possible idols.

Why? Because I truly enjoying writing (when it's going well). I love the process. Plus, there's a measure of glory in it for the writer, when she does it well.  Not to mention the "writer's life" has long been glorified by our culture.

  So I could become quite caught up in the writing life, and most people would find that totally acceptable given my profession. But I'm not so sure God would.

I know my God is a jealous God, in the sense that He is perfectly willing to take away things that I make idols of.  I don't say that with paranoia - I live and enjoy my life and craft.  But this truth remains firmly planted in my subconscious, reminding me and checking me.

And so, I've not spent a lot of time musing or writing about writing here.

However, this year I'm sensing a relaxing of the internal governor in this area. Maybe because I've got a lot of writing projects ahead and God knows I need to keep my mind on, and further hone, my craft to steward those opportunities well. 

Or maybe, after years of living with this check in my spirit, God has effectively dismantled the few bricks I'd drug together to form an alter to words, creativity, and sitting in coffee shops with paper and laptop.

So with that said, you can expect me to post some on writing this year. Not about the rules of grammar so much as about the creative process. More muse than mechanics. Not about where to get published so much as where to get motivatied.  And how to get past your worst critic, who lives in your own home and walks around in your own shoes.

So I pray those future posts contain words that are helpful to us both - whether or not you write at all - as we seek to live satisfying lives using our gifts and passions to nourish others and please God.

Speaking of tapping into the creative - here's why Donald Miller suspects people today are less creative.

Off to write today, then to hear Marybeth Whalen speak tonight.


  1. Looking forward to those posts! I'd like to awaken more of the creative side of me.


  2. I love it when God places people in our path to show us the way. Thanks for the wise advice you have given me today to not let writing become my idol : ) God's doing some new year cleaning in this heart and showing me some potential problems. I'm so thankful for the way he is using your words here on your blog and in your book It's No Secret to help me. Thanks, Rachel : )

  3. Can't wait to read those posts! :)

  4. Rachel, so thankful you mentioned writing can become an idol. I am looking at the idols in my life lately and asking God for Him to be first, first, first.

    Enjoy your day.

    Today is a writing day for me.



  5. Well we can't all be writers, there has to be someone to read what is written and that's where I come in. Of course what we read and the time we spend reading could become an idol also.

  6. Your words here can benefit anyone, including those of us who are (or aspire to be) writers. May our words (written or otherwise) be pleasing to God and shine His love to others.

    I am, too, looking forward to hearing your advice and thoughts, as I am with your regular posts!


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