Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Forgotten Fire

I'm sitting here in the early morning by candlelight, pondering my life in Christ. The house is quiet, and chilly.  The candle does little to knock off the chill, but Christ's presence fills me with fire.

Why don't I sense this fire all day everyday?

I think it's because while I never forget Him, I do forget who I am in Him. I forget what I can do in Him. I forget what He asks me to do for and through Him. I simply forget.

I'm pretty sure Christ never forgot. Each day that his adult feet struck the ground in stride -- moving through the countryside, the villages and the grand cities of the day -- He never forgot who He was in relation to God and what He'd been asked to do for His Father.

There is great power in remembering who we are in Christ. Yesterday I posted a teaching by pastor John Piper on our identity and purpose in Christ. It's scripturally tight and impacts me, especially when my heart is already burning with the fire.

But when I'm in my forgotten state, it may or may not bring me back. Curious, isn't that? I'm thinking I need to write my own scripturally based creed of who I am and what I can do in Christ. Have you ever done that?

Want to take the challenge to do so with me? Let's try our hand at writing out this week who we are in Christ. You can write it in your journal. Magnet it to your fridge. Or post it on your blog. And if you do the latter, let me know so I can read. Meanwhile, take a look at yesterday's post and see if Piper gets your ideas flowing and your heart glowing.


  1. That's probably something I should do. I'm not a great writer but it might help me to put it into my own words. Thanks for the challenge.


  2. Hi, Rachel!

    I love this. Last year, we did the Bible in a year with our cherubs. This year, we are doing "Who We Are In Christ". Each morning, I leave them a scripture reference. They look it up and write it in their journals. Each scripture identifies who we are in Christ. That is their firm foundation, their security.

    We are finding that there are such rich blessings and promises with who we are in Christ. And there are also great responsibilities. Very humbling on both sides.

    Great devo today!!


  3. Loved your devotion today. So true. Sometimes it is hard for others to see the potential and promise in us when they are so familiar with and know us as an "every day mom" who does the taxiing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, bills, etc that we are blessed to have a family to do those things for. What they don't know is the passion that is in our hearts and the skills we really do have and that when the season is right will we will share these gifts on others as we have them all along. Everyone's seasons are different. Just be patient and take this time to mature those skills, your faith and your love for others. Your time will come. :)

  4. sorry for the garbleness above. I hit return and oops it went before editing.

  5. Wow... love the idea of this challenge of writing who I am in Christ. I will definitely get to work on this today! I am anxious to complete this challenge! Beautiful post and devo today. :)

  6. I loved your devotional today. It hit me right where I live. Literally. So many times I lose faith in myself and what I believe is my ability, when all I need to remember is that in Christ, I can do anything.

    It will be a great challenge for me to write who I am in Christ. I pray He guides my thoughts and helps me. He usually does! :)

    Thanks, Rachel. Your words ring true.

  7. Just curious if that is a glass of wine in the beautiful picture you have posted....

  8. Hi Anon. That most certainly is a wine glass in the photo, but I'm not drinking wine at 5:30 AM during my quiet time. (giggles) I drink green tea in the morning.

    Blessings ~ Rachel

  9. These words of yours definitely resonated with me today: "I think it's because while I never forget Him, I do forget who I am in Him. I forget what I can do in Him. I forget what He asks me to do for and through Him. I simply forget."

    I find I most often forget who I am in Him during troublesome times. Times when I'm broken, feel like I've messed up a situation, or have failed to serve. So I kick myself and berate myself. But, really, even that action is pretty selfish. It's not about me. It's about Christ and living for God. I've been writing about that in what's turned into a little series the past three Thursdays on my blog ( (I normally try not to advertise the blog in comments on someone else's, but since you asked to share if we had been writing, I am!)

    Thank you for your encouraging words.

  10. Beautiful post, Rachel.

    Who I am in Christ? As I think about this question I have to fight the urge to answer it with how I view myself in Christ... not how Christ views me in Himself. Does that make sense? How does He view me? What is the evidence of Christ in me? Your question is making me ask a lot of great questions of my own. THANK YOU!

    So good. Thanks for posting! I'm gonna be pondering this today.

    Kate :)


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