Friday, February 4, 2011

Your Work

I'm curious, what is your work?  How do you answer the question, "So, what do you do?"

Is that a question you answer easily?

Do you wish you could answer it differently?

We're planning an upcoming sermon series on the subject of work. Most of us spend the majority of our time working, and yet I find that a lot of people are unsettled about work.  About how it's going, what they're doing, how much they do or don't do, and whether or not they're doing what God wants them to do. 

Others still, completely compartmentalize their work from their walk with God.

Found two quotes I'm mulling around right now. Maybe something here will help you in how you view work.

*Randy Alcorn, in his book 50 Days of Heaven, writes:

“Art, music, literature, crafts, technology, clothing, jewelry, education, food preparation—all are part of society or culture, the creative accomplishments of God’s image-bearers. Human creations are an extension of God’s own creative works, because he created us to reflect him by being creators.

As humans, we glorify God by taking what he created from nothing and shaping it into things for our own good and for his glory. The entire universe—including angels and living creatures in Heaven—should look at our creative ingenuity, our artistic accomplishments, and see God in us, his image-bearers. If that’s true now, how much more will it be true when there’s nothing in us to dishonor him?

We should expect the social dynamics from Earth to carry over to the New Earth, except when they’re a product of our fallenness or when God reveals otherwise.

God created his image-bearers to glorify him in creative accomplishments, and he’s pleased by them. God is pro-culture; he is the creative artist behind and over human culture.”

*In his book Consider the Lilies: A Plea for Creational Theology, T. M. Moore writes:

“Culture consists of the artifacts, institutions, and conventions by which people define, sustain, and enrich themselves. Culture includes the arts, law, languages, economies, philosophies of teaching and learning, family life, community traditions, and much more. All culture ultimately derives from the fact that people are created in the image of God and gifted by Him in many varied ways. After all, the psalmist tells us, God has given gifts of all kinds to all kinds of people, even those who are in rebellion against Him, with the idea that He might express Himself through those gifts, as they are brought to bear on the task of creating culture.”

What is it that you said that you do?


  1. I just started a new job so this post is very timely for me.

  2. Well, I don't work... outside the home, that is. So I find that I have all sorts of feelings about that. Should I have chosen a career path? Could I do more to relieve my husband's stress? Will my children respect me even if I don't acquire some type of worldly success? I could go on and on... all that to say that there are debates on either side of the fence, the sense that we haven't chosen the right path no matter what the choice was. Very thought provoking post...

  3. I agree, a very thought provoking post. I don't work either right now....except at home and that's not as much work as when our kids were young! Oh I go round and round concerning the subject of 'work'. I walked away from a job , too many reasons to state here. I followed the Lord's leading in not looking for work...yet. But, I feel there is more for me to do....just don't have a clue what! Contentment and purpose in where I'm planted....That lesson has had many chapters for me and I have a hunch that I haven't seen the last of 'em!

  4. According to my husband, I do not have a job. Even though he says that, I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant (part-time), an ESL teacher (part-time), and an ESL director in my church besides being a mom of a special needs child and a wife. My goal in life is to serve God and part of that means to be a servant to my family first.

  5. Tamara, I track with what you are talking about. It's tough being a woman today, isn't it?

    Heather, your husband is right. You don't have a job - you have 4 jobs!

  6. Michelle WeberFebruary 08, 2011

    When people as me that I say "I do a little bit of everything" I once wrote GM of Weber Enterprises on Loan papers when I was refinancing 2 properties that I manage and built. don't know why but stay at home mom bothers me because it does NOT get the respect it deserves. It is the most important job on this earth. We are raising adults who will go out and live the life we helped them learn about. All my volunteer work helped me keep my skills sharp from when I worked and now I have my own business and am using all the skills I ever learned on the job and volunteering. Don"t ever underestimate your role.

  7. SAHM don't work outside of the house, but they sure put me to work around here. ;P I play taxi driver, cook, laundry service, cleaning service and we homeschool.

    thanks the the post

  8. I was a hairstylist until I had my kids, and then a stay-at-home mom and at-home daycare provider. I longed to further my education but didn't want to take time away from my kids so I took some on-line classes in journalism and short story writing and medical transcription. When my kids were older I went back to work, but "job-hopped" so my job fit the requirements of my family at that time. That's not always looked highly upon, but I didn't care as long as I knew I was there for my kids as best I could be. Now my kids are adults and I'm in school to be a paralegal and loving it! But not for a second do I regret my path of best accomodating my family. Maybe after paralegal school I'll start up a writer's group... :)

  9. I worked outside the home for 18 years as a Medical Assistant. We had no children even though we tried in every way to have one.
    A family member gave birth to a special needs baby. She just could not care for him and left him with us every weekend. The county P.S. finally stepped in and placed him in our home until she could be assisted in learning to caring for her baby. Things did not work out as they planned and we were asked if we wanted to adopt him. We were relieved to know he would no longer be in danger, but at the same time we were scared! We knew nothing about his special needs and what all he would need throughout his life! It was a big job but one that God trusted us with!
    I loved my job as a Medical Assistant; but I gave it up for the new job God had chosen for me; one much more important,” Danny's Mom!” Danny is now 20 years old and thriving well despite his rough beginning in life! I ended up home schooling him. It has not been an easy road to travel! There have been many potholes along the way! Danny has many issues because of his developmental disabilities and his past abuse. Too many to go into here! But we all made it and are much better for it! We all grew and learned together! Danny has taught me far more than I could ever teach him! He is a true blessing from God! Now that Danny is 20, and life is a little easier; I went to school on line and received a degree in Web Design at 55 years old! I just graduated June 18 2010. I am starting my own business freelancing out of my home so I can work around my most important job; DANNY'S MOM!!!

  10. Hi there.
    I left a 70 thousand a year job! Yes girls 70. Was I crazy? Yes!! Crazy in love with my husband and kids.
    I now work for 15/hr in the psw field (part time), now that they're grown and can manage their time tables. But every once in awhile I think of what could have been, bouncing back and forth with should'a, would'a, could'as. I want to help hubby with the finances but still need to be home to help my kids.


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