Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello Irene

We interrupt our normally scheduled blog post to bring you this update:
Hurricane Irene has arrived in Wilmington.

Thankfully, she has weakened - noted evidence of answered prayer.

I last left my house around 4:00 pm today for a quick ride over to Wrightsville Beach in between squalls. I wanted to peak at the surf.  They are not evacuating the barrier island this time, though they do have a curfew tonight.

The skies looked menacing and the surf was definitely kicking up. The pictures below don't do the sight justice.  But they were the best I could get in the rain and wind gusts - the wind blew my tightly Velcro'd Nike visor off!

First, here's the status of bread in Wilmington grocery stores right now:

A favorite ocean-front restaurant all boarded up.

We passed some guys riding the wind on skateboards with umbrellas and bed sheets for sails. Yes, they were going the wrong way on a one-way street but Irene was only blowing one direction.

Some shots of the beach. It was hard to keep my lens dry. You can't see it but rain is falling.

This black dot is my visor that blew off while I was on the pier and landed by the dunes.

Rick went after my hat for me, proving chivalry is not dead. The wind is pelting him with rain drops and sand coming off the beach.

Here's the Intercoastal waterway, already looking pretty full. I wondered if it was high tide.

Here's the marsh that backs up to my neighborhood - it was also looking quite full at 5:oo pm.

The rain is picking up outside now and it's dark out. I understand half of Wrightsville Beach has already lost power tonight.

Hopefully we will sleep peacefully through much of the storm. I'm just happy I'm not sleeping there -this particular yacht decided to drop anchor in the middle of the waterway and ride out the storm there.

I'm normally all for southern hospitality but I'm hoping Irene doesn't overstay her welcome. And I sure hope she plays nice while here. 

Praying for the Northeast!


  1. Just catching up on reading your blog and wondering how you were faring with the storm and up popped your last post about Irene. Great pictures showing some angry waves, though. Can you believe the bread, water, and battery shelves look just as empty around here in Raleigh?

    I do hope you will sleep well and Irene will not overstay her welcome nor leave too much of a trail behind.

    And in response to your post about books ~ I'm a finisher. Very rarely do I not finish a book and I think I may know the series Brenda & you both had a hard time finishing because I couldn't read them either LOL!!!

    Stay safe and dry!

    Sweet Blessings to you and your family,

  2. I've been praying for all of those who are in the path of Irene. Thank you for posting pics. Hoping you were able to sleep through most of it last night.


  3. Rachel - I have a question about the line : "Thankfully, she has weakened - noted evidence of answered prayer.". What about the areas where Irene didn't weaken? There were lots of prayers that weren't answered in the way most of us would want. Why does God spare one area and not another?

  4. Hi Carol. I'm so glad you felt welcome to ask me that here.

    Irene did weaken for everybody on the east coast. She was forecasted to come ashore as a CAT 3 or possibly a 4. She came ashore as a CAT 1. Had she been stronger at landfall, she would also have been stronger for those who experinced her after landfall.

    From what I can tell there was no indication/reason in the forecasts/weather patterns that her catagory (meaning the speed and strength of her winds) would lessen as she moved up past Florida and Georgia. But it did. Her entire structure (eye wall) became less organized and her pressure weakened.

    True, the storm didn't disappear or go out to sea without affecting the east coast at all, but it could've been a lot worse than we got overall. And it was expected to be a great deal worse by many knowledgable people.

    I choose to see that as an answer to the many prayers offered up for protection from this storm. In doing so, I'm not making any statements about anyone else, their faith, their prayers, God's feelings for them because they were or were not affected by the storm ... I'm simply choosing to see and believe that everything I have to be thankful for comes from the hand of God.

    I'm choosing to give thanks in ALL things as the Bible instructs.

    My prayers were not answered in the way that I wanted either. I wanted the storm to turn out to sea and never hit anyone. I didn't want the tree damage I have, or the shingles torn off my roof from this storm. I didn't want half my city without power and my kids to miss and have to make up their second day of school. I could go on here, but the point is I'm looking at the good in this that can be called good and I'm attributing that to God.

    Blessings to you and yours ~

  5. Rachel - Thank you for the help with my question. I am struggling so much with my faith right now. That "blind faith" feeling that I usually had is wavering.


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