Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Being Memorable

A stranger recently remarked, “You look like Rachel Olsen!”  I wasn’t sure what to say in response. It wasn’t a question. I didn't know how to categorize and file that comment.

Was I being recognized?  Or mistaken? 

There is some small thrill in being recognized – in being remembered, being memorable. Plus, there is satisfaction in possessing a strong sense of self – in knowing who you are to the extent that others know it too.

“I am Rachel Olsen … I think,” I replied, wondering if there was some other Rachel Olsen that I happen to look a lot like. After all, people constantly tell me I look familiar to them.
I’m not sure why this is. I have a feeling that means I’m mostly average. Not exactly forgettable, but not specifically memorable either. Or maybe there are just a lot of 5’3” pale-skinned brunettes walking about.

Turns out she had heard me speak at a church in town but hadn’t had a chance to see me up close. Charlie Chaplin once entered a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest. He came in third place. Knowing that, I smiled at her and struck up a conversation.

Women often go to great lengths trying to make themselves look, well, memorable. I suspect we all do that to some extent. And I reckon we always will. 
But today I realize it’s much easier to be remembered for what you said.
 “She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” Prov. 31:26

Or, to be memorable for what you do.
“She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. She makes sure her dealings are profitable.” Prov. 31:17-18b

“She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy.” Prov. 31:20
“She carefully watches everything in her household and suffers nothing from laziness.” Prov. 31:27

"Let her deeds publicly declare her praise." Prov. 31:31b

It's not only easier, it's pleasing to God. 

So, go be memorable today.


  1. LOVE it!!! Love applying Scripture :)

  2. This is great. Nothing wrong w/being memorable?!
    But I really went to this pape to get "6 tips on resting well." Where are they? I would really like to read them. I've been having trouble getting myself to bed at an earlier time and resting well. I loved the "Encouragement for Today," for this date. I am going to try to think of my night time sleep in a completely different light.
    Thank you, Rachel.

  3. Hi Judy. I think you're looking for the post from July 12 when my devotion on rest was published by P31. Here is the link to the 6 tips:


    So glad you had that epipphany on rest that I did!

  4. I love this!

    I want to be memorable for that audience of One. Then, we will be memorable to many.

    PS - You DO look an awful lot like Rachel Olsen!


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