Saturday, August 6, 2011

Story Lovers Alert

If you follow me here or on social media, I'm guessing you are a non-fiction reader. As heretofore I've been solely a non-fiction writer. (Did you like my casual use of that fancy word?) What you may not know is that I love reading fiction as well. Right now I'm reading 3 different novels.

Do you read fiction too? I'd love to know what types? Romance? Historical? Contemporary Women's Fiction? Suspense? ... 

One day I just might write a novel. You'd read it, right?

Well, for all my fellow fiction readers out there, I know a survey you won't want to miss. Sound off on what fiction you like to read in this quick survey for Thomas Nelson and get a free eBook download in return, plus the possibility to win $10,000. 

Count the zeros, girls - there are four of them there!

So pop over and take this survey for Thomas Nelson. I did and I'm about to go figure out which novel to get as my free download.

Meanwhile, do you know about She Reads? It's P31's fiction division and I've just joined the ranks of the fabulous women that run it. Every month we feature a new novel & author and do a fun giveaway. If you love Christian fiction - or you'd like to wade into the fictional waters with a well-recommended novel - check us out. You can even discuss the novels with other women in our new discussion forum.

Happy Reading!


  1. I love to read! Lately I've been reading a lot of non-fiction Christian books, but I really like Christian fiction too. I'm not sure if others are like this or it's just me, but sometimes what I want to read depends on my life at the time. For example, if I'm going through something in my life that's making me sad or draining me, I can't read any fiction that will make me more emotional. That's when I need a good suspense or mystery, or something to make me laugh like chick-lit. Something competely different from my day-to-day is a great escape.


  2. Wow! I never really thought of myself as a romance reader but when I thought about the types of novels I seem to enjoy most, I realized they nearly always have a love story. I like the ones with modern women, not the long ago love stories like Westerns and stuff.


  3. Currently I am reading a book called The Wednesday sisters, A woman's fiction story. I love romantic novels , there are several great stories between the pages of one book - the bible. Christian fiction is another. Rachel have fun with your novel reading.


  4. I've read books for as long as I can remember. During the summer I would go to the library and bring home a stack of books that I read in one week. Back then I liked Zane Grey and other mystery stories. As I got older I found some fiction books through Harlequin that I could read, mostly light love story, not the "racy" kind. Then one day I found that Steeple Hill has Inspirational Fiction through Harlequin which I have been reading for quite a few years. I must say that the writers were definitely Christians because I learned so much through these. You might question that but you would have to read them to understand. They are the Love Inspired Inspirational books that are romance books but there's a lot about God and scriptures in them. The historical, suspense and mystery books in this same section don't interest me anymore.

  5. I would totally read it! Tell your publisher you already have some sold!!! :)

    Took the survey! I hope one of your blog readers wins!


  6. I just took the survey! Thanks for sharing this info, Rachel!

  7. I enjoy Amish Stories. Romance, Mystery, Suspense. But any good Christian Mystery or Suspense you can send my way. A good mystery of the town you live in would be really good. There is so much history there.


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