Monday, August 22, 2011

The Need to Learn

It's one of my favorite times of the year - Back to School.

I love this time mainly because I have a big crush on books, learning and cute professors with leather patches on the elbows of their sweaters. Well, really just one certain professor with said sweater.

But I digress.

The prospect of a new semester holds promise. It's that promise of expansion and growth that excites me. Each January and August (the two "new year" times in my life) I look for some way that I can intentionally grow or expand.

Last Spring I went to college not as the teacher but as a student for a change. I took a fascinating course on the Psychology of Religion.  I'd take that class again in a heartbeat. And the experience has me thinking I might audit some more courses at the university. I'm even thinking of teaching a new course myself next fall - a course on food.

I'm also planning to try a new hobby. I do this every few years.  A couple years ago it was cooking.  I'm not sure yet but this year it might be Zumba.  Anyone tried it?

Did you know it is fabulously good for you to keep learning new things? Sudoku. Ball Room Dancing. Knitting. Writing Poetry. Indoor Gardening. Anything.

So tell me, what do you plan to learn this year?

Here's a video to inspire you.

Is there a class you will attend, or a hobby you might take up? Will you delve into a new Bible study or maybe extreme couponing? ... What might you try this school year?


  1. Zumba is a lot of fun~! The key is to just keep moving and don't worry if your doing it right!

    For a few years I have been tossing around the idea of taking some bible study courses never seem to follow through. Maybe this should be the year I do. Ballroom dancing would be my next one! :)

  2. Julie - I like your style!

  3. I am reading through the Old Testament from start to finish. I have hunted and pecked through most of the books, but I have not read all the way through. I'm determined. Hoping to learn more about God.

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  5. I will be trying to re-teach myself piano. I played as a young girl and would like to try my hand at it again :-)

  6. Rachel, you have inspired me! I've been having a hard time after taking my son back to college for his sophomore year. For some reason it's been much harder than it was last year. I need something new for me to liven things up a bit!

    I've been focusing on work I need to get done and getting ready to start my daughter's junior year of homeschooling, but I haven't really thought much about things I'd like to learn and ways I'd like to grow, unless those ways have something to do with my business or homeschooling.

    Time to branch out and do something new! Thanks for the inspiration. Off to seek the Lord about what those new things will be. :)

  7. That's great, Bonita! I have a feeling you're going to have a terrific fall embracing something new.

  8. I will be praying for my 18 year old grandson who started college this year. We went with my daughter, SIL, grandson and granddaughter to take him to VB. He's at Regent and I know he will need a lot of prayer.

  9. Oh, are getting my juices going here!! You have me thinking!! This is good!!

    I have some personal goals to which I need to attend. That is one thing I will do. But now you have me thinking...something new sounds fun.

    "Extreme couponing...." hmmm.....



  10. I love the video. He obviously doesn't let fear of failure keep him from trying things. Oh to be like that......he probably doesn't worry what he looks like or if his hair gets missed up or what onlookers must be thinking.

    I am challenged to come up with something new to try...don't know what it will be. I watched the video of my son skydiving for his birthday and it looked pretty amazing. I may have to try that long as it doesn't mess up my hair. :)

  11. Rachel, thank you for the push. I really need to quit wasting so much time wondering what to do next, the list is long! I need to focus on one and ACT on it!! One step at a time...

  12. Rachel I love the picture of the levels of books oh my! I've got several book shelf screan savors myself. And countlesss books that need finishing. I just hate to see a good book end.

    Tamera where are you now in your reading>?, As for my new adventure, I am taking online courses - self paced- on the old testament as well as Paul, Timothy and Titus.


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