Monday, April 5, 2010

I Hope You Dance

I love to dance. Every since I was little and began lessons at age four, my love for dance came out in many ways besides recitals: in my gymnastics routines, in my squad's pom-pom routines, at the school "sock hop," and of course in my bathroom mirror - microphone-hairbrush in hand.

During college I took a dance class for gym credit. And I even dated a ballroom dance instructor - spending weekends together on the dance floor. I learned to rhumba, waltz, two step, cha-cha, shag, jitterbug and jive. Ultimately, though, he was not the one for me. I married a musician/singer who supplies me endless melodies to dance to.

Once married, I bought some black patent leather clickety shoes with ribbon ties and took an adult tap class for exercise. Then I took an adult jazz dance class. Going to my weekly dance class was a highlight amid my full-time job and part-time graduate studies. A decade went by and after having two kids, a group of my friends and I signed up for a middle eastern dance class at our local YWCA. I rediscovered my love of all kinds of dance. 

Perhaps that's why I'm enjoying Susanne Scheppmann's newest release Embraced by the Father so much. It's a book about finding grace in the names of God - grace for everyone, even those with two left feet. The best part? Dance stories and metaphors run throughout. It's a study of God for all "Dancing With the Stars" fans.

In addition to the in-depth look at the names of God, there's also plenty of prompts and space for journaling at each chapter's end, which I like.

With this book, Susanne has written an invitation for me to stand upon my Father's toes, lean my head against His chest, and dance with Him in eternal security. That's an invite I can't resist, and once again I'm rediscovering my love of dance.

Despite this lifelong love of rhythm and movement, can you believe I've never followed "Dancing With the Stars"? Though I did catch this season's first episode a couple weeks ago. Are you a fan?

I'm thankful for every chance to dance. Hey, when was the last time you danced?


  1. The last time I danced was last night when I thought about God's grace, it was kinda of a praise offering dance. The last time I danced before that was on a boat dinner cruise with my husband...last year! We'll be dancing this week because of this lovely reminder!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful book. I love the cover and the title. I'll be looking for a few good books to read over the summmer...will keep it on my "to read" list! :)


  3. Square dancing was the only thing I ever learned. I have two left feet and that just doesn't work.

  4. Hey, Rachel! This book sound fabulous! I can't wait to read it.

    And dancing is something that I used to LOVE! Now, it seems there is no time for it. Maybe again, one day....sigh!!


  5. well let me say my dancing is more like is all over the place so watch out I might step on your toes. But I like twirling every once in a while. This book sounds like a beautiful book. I will have to add it to my reading list.

    have a blessed day

  6. My husband and I actually took a one-night dance class last summer and learned to shag. It was a fun date night and we had a lot of fun, but unfortunately we haven't danced since - on the dance floor that is. I feel like I have danced with him throughout our 20 + years together and am so thankful for the best dance partner in the world!

  7. Rachel,

    Thank you for this post! While I am still getting over my insecurities of dancing in front of people, I do think that this book sounds like a treasure...and a great Mother's Day present for my mom!


  8. I do happen to watch Dancing with the Stars, and it has inspired me to someday take ballroom dancing classes with my husband. Although I am not sure I will be good at it, it sure looks like fun! Your post just encouraged my aspiration as well!


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