Friday, April 9, 2010

Eye opening

My friend, author Tom Davis, is in Moldova right now. He's brought popular blogger Anne Jackson with him and a very small crew to investigate the plight of teen girls and orphans - many of which wind up in the human traffic trade. I talked with Tom on Friday before he left. He said he's never been to this particular area of the world before and wasn't sure what to expect. He's been blogging his experience so far and this last entry grabbed me by the heart. I can only imagine what it's done to Tom and Anne.

Go read it for yourself at Tom's blog.  And at Anne's blog.

And then pray for these girls, their country, and for many divine appointments during Tom & Anne's trip.


  1. Unreal, it's just sickening. I just put an old southern gospel song video on my blog knowing there were people who would not relate to the words of the song, but after reading this, I know it was the right thing to do. We never know who reads our blogs and who we may be witnessing to. Your post and the others confirmed what God laid on my heart to do.
    Thanks for sharing, AE

  2. I just reposted a link to Anne's blog "the Sex Cafe" on mine. I was speechless after I read it... my heart simply broke.


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