Monday, April 12, 2010

Writing and Winning Opps

First off, if you've been following my blog for a few months you know that I've been doing devotional carnivals on the 15th of the month. That means this Thursday is devotional carnival time! This month's topic is JOY. So you can write on anything to do with joy, rejoicing, happiness, anything of the sort. I'm sure some of us will be feeling joyful to get our taxes in by deadline that day!

To participate, here's the simple how-to: Offer a key Bible verse that ties with what you are writing about. Keep it under 650 words total. It can be serious, funny, or poetic, it's all up to you. Just be sure that it teaches or illustrates your verse. Then post your devotion on your blog on Thurs. and come here to link it with my post for that day. There'll be instructions on my post for how to do this with Mr. Linky. People will be able to get to your devotional post from my blog.

Doesn't that sound like all kinds of spiritual fun?!

The winner will get their choice of two books, a new novel called The Pastor's Wife by AlLee, or a leadership book called Awaken the Leader in You by Clark.

Second, thanks to the generosity of author Cecil Murphey, we will be giving away one SCHOLARSHIP to attend the SHE SPEAKS 2010 Conference! For details ...
This conference takes place July 30-August 1 in Concord, NC. All you have to do to win this tremendous giveaway is write an article that would be appropriate for publication in the P31 Woman Magazine. We'll pick one article as the winner. Wait, it gets better, in addition to winning the scholarship you'll see that article published in the magazine. Be sure and familiarize yourself with our magazine before you begin writing so you can hit the target.

We may also select some honorable mentions, and if we do, we will publish those as well.
What have you got to lose?! Try it.

Here are the rules for the She Speaks Scholarship Contest:

1. This must be your first She Speaks - you cannot have attended She Speaks in previous years.

2. Write a 500-1000 word article that would be appropriate for publication in the P31 Woman Magazine.

3. Only enter one (1) article per person.

4. Either attach the article in a Word document or include it in your email to editor@proverbs31. Be sure to include a creative title and your name with your submission.

5. Email the article on or before Thursday April 15, 2010 at midnight.

So, if you haven't done your taxes yet, you'd better get on it because you've got LOTS of writing to do this week! (Smiles)

If you have a blog, please help us promote the She Speaks Conference by writing about this contest and linking to the She Speaks Conference website.

And now for the contest "fine print:"

The winner of this contest will be awarded a scholarship for the cost of one person's registration for the 2010 She Speaks conference. The value of this scholarship is $575 which includes your conference materials, conference registration, 2 nights at the conference hotel and meals associated with the conference. Please note it does not include any travel expenses. Also, you will be assigned a roommate or you have the option to pay the extra charge for a private room. This scholarship is transferable, but only for someone who has not attended the conference. It cannot be traded for cash. Your article will be evaluated by the P31 Woman editing team, and we will announce the winner on April 21st.

Thankful for opportunites to write, sharing God's truths with others. 
I can't wait to read your writings!


  1. I'm excited about the new devotional carnival!!

  2. I am glad that I saw this before I went to bed. I have been following your blog and enjoying it so much. Thanks for the opportunity - and I am mailing my state taxes tomorrow and getting started!

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  4. Let me try again....error message occured, anyway, Excited about the devotional carnival!! Entered the schlorship contest through Glynnis Whitner web page. Assuming this is the same one?? Anyway I will be ready tomorrow for the "joy, joy, joy, down in my heart"!!

  5. You did not provide a complete email address to submit for the contest. Can you verify a correct email address?

  6. Yes, the email is:

  7. I have been following your blog and enjoying it so much. Thanks for the opportunity
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