Monday, April 26, 2010

You can go to She Speaks

One of you is waking up to happy news today – news that she has been randomly selected by P31 Executive Director LeAnn Rice to receive a She Speaks conference scholarship. She will probably jump up and down at the news.  And I will be celebrating right along with her.

All the other entrants will wake up to the disappointing news that their name is not posted on P31’s homepage as the winner.  Your shoulders may slump. Tears might brim your eyes. And you might feel all hope is lost.  I would commiserate with you, except that all hope is not lost!

If God has truly called you to the conference at this time, He will make a way for you to attend. I firmly believe that.  And the team at P31 is praying for God to gather all the gals He would have attend this year. I want you to know it was so heart-warming reading everyone’s posts entering the giveaway, and so heart-wrenching knowing we couldn’t give each of you a scholarship. But it drove us to many prayers for you.

So here’s my suggestion - set up your own scholarship fund. We have already put together an amazing letter you can send to your family, friends, church leaders or members, small group, etc. They can then send tax-deductible donations to Proverbs 31 Ministries designated as scholarship money for you. Each year 20–30 women attend She Speaks because they set up their own scholarship like this! Some are called to speak or write. But some are blessed to give – called to  financially help someone else answer the call to speak or write.

To learn more about that, go to and find the green button that says “Scholarship Info” at the bottom left of the page.

Also, stay tuned because we just may have another scholarship giveaway opportunity soon.

Giving thanks for God’s provision.

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