Friday, April 16, 2010

One winner announced

Just did the drawing for the winner from yesterday's devo carnival.  Let me say thanks to each writer that participated -I really enjoyed your devotions!  And I know yesterday was a crazy day to do the carnival, what with taxes due, and entries due for the She Speaks scholarship contest thru P31 Woman magazine. So I appreciate everyone coming by here yesterday and this morning.

Next month the 15th falls on a Saturday so we'll do the devotional carnival that Friday, the 14th.
We'll write on the topic of stability - so start plotting your post.  :)

Here are your random numbers: 10 Timestamp: 2010-04-16 20:22:58 UTC
That means comment #10 - Kimberly at Sprinkled w/Cinnamon - wins her choice of the books.

Everybody else, well come back next carnival and try again.  Until then, practice JOY!

Thankful Tom Davis got one of the last flights out of Europe before the volcano erruptions grounded 17,000 flights - have you read his blog this week?


  1. Boy, I seem to be on the caboose of the train these days. Looking forward to participating in next month's carnival posts!

  2. Wow! I'm thrilled! Thank you so much.

  3. Kimberly, be sure and email me your address and tell me which one of the books you want (The Pastor's Wife or Awaken te Leader Within).

  4. Looking forward to participating in next month's carnival posts!
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  5. Can't wait for next month's carnival!!!

  6. kellydcooke@yahoo.comApril 25, 2010

    Being chosenfor the Cecil Murphy She Speaks scholarship would be an honor. I am a 44 yo woman, married for 22 yrs, mother of 4, major bread winner, employed full time outside the home & own a small business as well. People look at me and see a completed woman living a blessed life. They seek out my advice and compliment me on "doing such a great job". What they don't know about are the events in my first 22yrs that occurred that have made my into the woman I am today. Some things I was so shameful of that I didn't even share with my husband until we had been married for 10 yrs. The people that know even part of my testimony are shocked that me, Little Miss Homemaker with the great husband, beautiful children and such talent in so many areas could actually be the same women I have just finished telling them about. Some have asked me to share my story with their church or small group but I know the Lord wants me to share it with large multitudes of women. He has set aside the precise place & moment. Being chosen the receive the Cecil Murphy She Speaks scholarship would allow for me to receive the instruction do just that. Thank you ~ Kelly Cooke Psalm 40:2 & Psalm 37:23


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