Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Dinner #1

I was so hungry by the time I sat down with my plate last night that I didn't pause to take pics of the food. There was tons of food for the roughly 55 international students and roughly 25 faculty that were there. But I did get some shots of the students.

I adored the brunette in the middle of this photo. She's from Finland. We went through the buffet line together and she was asking me what was in all the dishes (well, you take green beans, and you dump mushroom soup over them, and then you cover it with crispy fried onions ...). I was impressed with her willingness to try all the foods.

She also tried convincing me "it doesn't really get that cold in Finland." So of course I asked how cold it gets in the winter. She said minus 25. Yeah, not that cold at all. Riiiight.

Here are some of our table guests. Two beautiful gals from Germany studying business. And one young man from England who plans to become an astrophysicist. Yes, astrophysicist.

Here's my son, plate in hand, headed for the pumpkin pie.

And here's my daughter scoring some chocolate pound cake with whipping cream. Mmmm.

She'll tell you she wants to be a chef. But she's quick to qualify that: a TV chef.

Maybe she'll help me in the kitchen tomorrow, despite the lack of cameras and audience. I'll be cooking Thanksgiving meal #2 here at my house for us and my dad. Then we'll join Rick's family on Thursday for meal #3. That's a lot of turkey. But it's also a lot of opportunities to be thankful - and that I am.

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