Friday, November 20, 2009

The Search Continues

I think I've clearly established here my love of all things sparkly or scented. (Rick calls me "Scentsation Barbie.") Back in August I mentioned a vanilla scented candle I'm obsessed with, and can't find anywhere anymore. So I only burn it a few times a year, saving it for as long as possible.

EVERY vanilla candle I come across in EVERY store, I sniff. Hoping it will be that one. Alas, it never is. I saw one online recently I think might be similar but it costs $28 for 7 oz to find out. I haven't pulled that trigger yet.

Sara of Charity's Candles & Crafts read about my plight and offered to send me a sample of her vanilla candle by the same name in hopes that it might be a match. Wasn't that sweet?

It wasn't a match for "the one," however it is a very close match for another candle I really like: Chris Madden Home Collection Lavender & Vanilla. I burn this one in my bedroom. I can't get this one anymore either - what is it with my favorite scents being discontinued? But at least I have two full ones to burn before I run out. Then I'll be ordering more from Sara.

Pop over and check out Sara's store. She does personalized gifts too - something to consider for Christmas. And all her candles are natural soy, which is the best kind (when will Yankee Candle ever convert?!). Be sure and read her story there.

Some of her current offerings sound delish: Spiced Apple Cider, Peppermint Stick, Hot Chocolate, Spiced Sugar Cookie, Cinnamon Stick ...

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