Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wordle Fun

Being a "work geek," I thought this was super fun.

My editor extraordinaire, Susan at David C. Cook publishers, just sent me a
of my book manuscript.

At http://www.wordle.net/ she put in my whole manuscript and it created a collage based on the frequency of words used. The more I used a word, the larger it appears on my wordle.

Click on the brown word "wordle" above to get a sense of my new book coming out next year. Then click here to see another worlde version of it.

Play around on wordle yourself. You can enter the url of your blog and it will create a wordle of your blog!


  1. Oooooh, now this is a website I could waste a serious amount of time on--and justify it. (I'm just seeing if I am overusing filler words! Really!) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Way cool! It would make a neat book cover or a neat poster. I often sit back and wonder who on earth thinks of this stuff, simply amazing.

  3. Oh i LOVE wordle!! I used it as a craft once for bath beads that we made at a mom's group. I put words like "relax" "clean" "fresh" and it was a huge hit!

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  5. This is too cool! I don't have very much posted on my blog, but it still made a nice looking wordle. Thanks for sharing, Rachel!


  6. Love this! I am a word maniac too!


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