Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend snapshots

1) So I'm on the treadmill Friday when I spot a huge spider on the ceiling. The vaulted ceiling. Which means I can't reach it to kill it. I'll have to throw something at it. I don't want to smash the spider against the ceiling (I can't reach it to repaint it), so I grab a soft tank top and take aim. Ya'll I must've thrown that tank top at least 12 times before I hit it.

I throw like a girl.

It fell some place I didn't see -- probably because my method was to throw and run so it wouldn't hit me. I do not run like a girl. While I sprinted, it hid. Which means its still alive somewhere in my house, but I don't know where. It was last seen near my bedroom. Which makes me want to scream like a girl. Somebody please assure me that it won't join me on the bed tonight. If you've read the P31 devo book (pg. 130) you know I have irrational fears of spiders. Sigh.

2) Caught a TV interview with Micheal Buble (boo-blay) this weekend. He's the singer dubbed "the Canadian Sinatra." I love me some Sinatra y'all, but love me some Buble even more I think. (Because I'm just geeky like that.) Anyway, he also performed his new single on the show.

I feel a download coming on.

3) My very own lead singer (Rick plays in a cover band made up of professors from the university called The Schoolboys) played Saturday evening at the college for the opening of basketball season. He even dedicated a song to me: Some Kind of Wonderful.


4) Also on Saturday I went present-shopping for my son. His birthday is right before Christmas. My daughter's birthday is right after Christmas. So lots of presents to buy in the next 4 weeks. I'm starting early and pacing myself.

Still resisting the urge to put up the tree by the way.

5) Today I've been to church twice (2 different ones), to the grocery storey twice (same one), and cooked two dinners (at once). Feeling productive.

Tonight I have a short treadmill jog planned, followed by a gingerbread-scented bubble bath (less calories than the real stuff), and then perhaps I'll crawl into bed with my Kindle. After loudly announcing the spider is not invited.

Overall its been a good weekend. Next weekend I'm off to Florida to speak - looking forward to that. But on the flight back I'll likely have Buble's song "Home" playing on my Ipod.


  1. Oh my goodness I have that same irrational fear of spiders too! I try really, really hard to be a big girl about them, but it is hard!

    Have a safe trip and enjoy your week!

    Krystal in TX

  2. My son has the spider thing too:) Sure have noticed some posts about doing the treadmill thing - you go girl! you inspire me. mel

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  4. Well, sounds like you had quite the productive weekend young lady.

    Where did you get that gingerbread bubble bath? Sounds yummie.

    I took the task on seperating pictures this weekend. I thought it would be simple. I want these and he can have these. Oh, My Stars it is so hard! You get trapped in a time warp and every picture has a memory. Needless to say there are piles of memories laid out on a table with post a notes beside them identifying where they go.

    Where did the time go?

    One of the things I realized this weekend that has been so hard for me to accept;

    Memories go with you in your head and heart. It doesn't matter how they are perserved through things of this world. We all choose to make our own memories and no one can take that from us.
    Have a great week.

  5. Hi Diane. The gingerbread latte bubble bath came from a Canadian online retailer called Make Me Smooth, but I think they are now closed for the holidays.

    Coming from someone who has maybe 20 pictures tops total from her entire childhood, I concur with you wholeheartedly there.

  6. Hey Rachel,

    I could air brush in some of mine. (smile)

    Hum, then I guess I can't get any of that bubble bath. Maybe if I bake gingerbread while I take a bubble bath it could create the same experience. LOL

    I miss making ginggerbread houses with my students.

    On a side note, I have the same fear of snakes as you do with spiders. YUCK!


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