Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Modern Day Noah?

I had a great time with the women in Palatka, Florida last weekend. I loved Dana, the event coordinator ... despite the fact that she nearly killed us - twice - coming back from the airport! We had a few navigation problems, and a little trouble with the 5:00 traffic, but we also had a lot of fun on that crazy ride. :) She is so sweet and such a hoot. Not only that, she sounds exactly like my friend Melissa Taylor, which put me right at ease. Here we are:

The food, decorations and women Saturday were all lovely. And the name of Jesus was lifted up as we talked about a few of the Divine Secrets of the Yahweh Sisterhood. Since they moved the date of this event from December to November this year, the nearly 50 tables were decorated with a mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I loved that.

Here's me and Sandy, one of the singers. They sounded amazing!

Remember how I found a lizard hanging on my hood for dear life a few weeks ago? Well flying home through the Jacksonville airport, I suddenly felt like Cinderella. Ya know how she was constantly followed by song birds? She'd hold out her arms and they'd help her get dressed? Well I sat down with some Stromboli in the airport only to have 3-4 birds join me at the table - yes, inside. I thought about asking one to get me a fork.

Here I am saying goodbye to one of my lunch companions - he was sad to see me go.

And last week I was driving along and noticed a lizard on the back windshield of the car next to me. Its a bit blurry and hard to see; we were both driving.

If God hadn't promised - famously so with a rainbow - that He'd never flood the earth again, I'd start wondering if I'm a modern-day Noah. Oh, and on the flight home I sat next to an actor from the hit show One Tree Hill. We chatted it up. Unfortunately, no pictures to show for that, but thankfully, no animals joined me on the flight either.


  1. Oh my goodness...I would feel like Cinderella too! Wow!

    Prayed for you and the event glad it went well.

    I have posted a prayer request I would like for you to lift up with me. It is more of an ugly duckling/beautiful swan story. Please pray wityh me about this matter.
    Love ya

  2. Hi Rachel...

    You look pretty....

    Re your post b4 this.I love journalling.I write bout my joy n happiness and struggles and prayer request too.I also write thanksgiving when God answers my prayers.

    Thank you for the quotes on Teachers.I like it.I might just consider writing nice quotes in my journal 2 now.Thanks for the brilliant idea.

    Sweet blessings



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