Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hi, my name is Rachel and I'm a ...

So I woke up this morning, November 1st, stared at the clock (trying to figure out what time it "really" is after converting from daylight savings time) and thought, "Hey, I could put up the Christmas tree today!"

I'm a bit of a Christmas tree fanatic. Hi, I'm Rachel, and I'm a Christmasaholic.

Actually, the rest of the holiday decor I can completely live without. But not the tree. The tree is sacred in my mind. It transforms my family room into sacred space ... into an alter of sorts. Its little white lights somehow light up my heart, beckoning me nearer to the Light of the World.

Before you think I'm waaaay off base to think of Christmas the day after Halloween, just know that Kohl's has been thinking about it for months now. Other retailers are starting to leak info about deals they'll offer on Black Friday. And my kids have started their Christmas list because the toy catalogues hit our mailbox last week. I also started shopping for things to send to my sponsor child Mauricio - have to get international packages in the mail before Thanksgiving.

Plus, today I found the Sounds of the Season channel on my digital cable package playing Christmas songs. WOOT! Shhhh, can you hear it? Its Frank Sinatra singing "Mistletoe and Holly."

The only holiday thing besides a tree I can't do without is Christmas carols. They never lose their ability to capture my heart and hurl it heavenward. I've already heard one of my all time favs: The Little Drummer Boy. My weepy devotion to that carol has been well documented here. I realize it tells a fictional story, but at the same time it tells the story of my soul.

None of my family is in the house at the moment so I've got the carols on. I didn't put the tree up yet. I'm showing restraint. But I might have to sneak and get the mistletoe out. Its never too soon to get the love flowing in my opinion.

So I'm off to the attic to search for the red and green plastic bins that contain sparkly Christmas goodness. Any other Christmasaholics out there? Come on, please speak up and make me feel normal. Anybody else plan to put up their tree in November? (Post pics when you do please!)


  1. Sounds like a good idea to start decorating now. Last year I told my family that I wasn't going to decorate for Christmas anymore because it takes so long to put everything up. It might be fun to start with the decorations now! I will think about starting this coming Saturday.


  2. Rachel,

    I'm with you on being a Christmasaholic. My hubby MAKES ME WAIT till right after Thanksgiving to put up our tree. *shudder* However he does give me grace to keep the tree up LONG after the Christmas decorations have been put away. Secretly, just between you and me and the whole world wide web. I think he's a Christmasaholic at heart too but can't bear to say the phrase for himself yet.

    I do think you've inspired me to go find some mistletoe though! ;)

    With Emmanuel's Blessings,

  3. Certainly November is the month, it gives me enough time to enjoy each and every moment whilst its up. The clothes and shoes to donate has started as I get rid of clutter. I just have to complete painting over the family room and upon completion the tree will be up, I am so excited. This is my favourite time of the year and not forgetting to mention the preparation of all the christmas goodies for eg, Sorrel, ginger beer, Black cake (fruit cake),pastelles (made with corn meal and ground meat) oh my I could go on and on but that's part of our traditional preparation in Trinidad W.I.

  4. WE've been listening to christmas music for a few weeks now and the tree will be up in a few weeks. YAY!!!

  5. We always waited until the day after Thanksgiving to put the tree up. Then took the tree down on New Years Day. However.....

    This the season for change for our family. I am not sure what or when things will happen.

    Looking forward to the pictures.

  6. Hi, I'm Tonya, and I'm a Christmasholic too! Ohhhh, November 1st starts my favorite time of the year, and as much as I love Thanksgiving and all it brings, I cannot wait until the day after to put up Christmas! And I start as soon as my eyes open, along with our local radio station playing every Christmas song imaginable until New Years Eve. Oh, which reminds me I've gotta go get my Natalie Grant tickets for her Christmas tour! YAY! JC Penney's had their Christmas decoration 50% 2 weeks ago, and oh my gosh they are so beautiful. And our Big Toy Book from Toys R Us was in the newspaper today!

  7. I don't put my tree up in November - I'm a Canadian and in my tradition we get time to breath between Thanksgiving and Christmas :) But I do start thinking Christmas early. Preparation for our Christmas drama/musical at church starts in approximately July every year. I just leave Go Fish's Snow on the playlist all year. And we're getting snow around 3,000 feet already (altitude) so I can look out my kitchen window and think winter thoughts.

  8. Me too - I love beginning the holiday season on November 1st! I start with the Christmas dishes, cream colored with holly trimmed. Next the dining room table runner and place mats appear, then the nativity scene a few weeks later. Everything is in place so that the day after Thanksgiving we put up the tree!

  9. Dear Rachel,
    I just had to laugh, because this morning on my fb page a pastor friend and his wife were just talking about how she was getting ready for Christmas, putting up her tree...
    Anyway...why not...Christ should be in our everyday not just Christmas...

  10. I'm with you friend,

    I'll start putting up my trees this weekend.

  11. Rachel - we need to start Christmas Trees Anonymous :) I have a good many friends that can be charter members with us! Today - I am putting up my 6th tree - yes, I am truly addicted. Its my favorite time of the year - Christmas is time to celebrate our Savior and I love everything about it!

  12. I might not have the tree up as early as you, but the
    Little Drummer Boy song gets to me every time, too!

  13. Hi My name is Pamela and I too am a Christmasaholic!
    Hey I listen to some Christmas music all year. I collect nativities and some stay up all year! My tree would be up on August 22nd (My birthday) if my family would let me. Growing up I knew my birthday meant Halloween was coming which meant Thanksgiving was coming, which meant Christmas was just around the corner!
    I Love Christmas!

  14. I completely agree! Time to think Christmas! I've already started to get my Christmas cards made! I have a question - do you know of any great Christmas books/devotionals?

  15. Hi, my name is Amy and I am a non-Christmasaholic. I am one of those people that loves Christmas but not until after Thanksgiving. The weekend after thanksgiving, in my house, is spend putting up the Christmas deco.

  16. I must be the odd ball LOL! I like to take it one holiday at a time. I'll put my christmas tree up the weekend after thanksgiving, but I don't take it down until after the new year. I do love when it's up though, I love to sit at night with nothing but the tree lit and just ponder over things with the warm glow from the tree.

  17. I am with you friend. I've already been thinking about putting up mine too. Usually I wait until the Saturday after Thanksgiving but something makes me want to do it early this year. Then again, I usually leave it up forever. Remember last year we left it up until March b/c Andrew wanted to make it a holiday tree and decorate it with snowflakes in Jan, hearts in Feb, Shamrocks in March and Easter eggs in April?

    I wonder what we'll do this year with Aster and having a tree? She is going to be climbing up it for sure. Oh it's going to be a fun one!



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